My Top 7 Triceps Exercises “CABLES ONLY” For Big Arms

Every muscle in our body requires proper stretch and exercise to get appropriate strength. There isa various muscle that is very different and requires different types of exercises to get stronger.

There is a muscle named triceps; this muscle provides you a lot of strength in your arms. If you want to have tight and stronger triceps, some excellent exercises will help you.

It is not very difficult to train your triceps. You can easily do this activity with proper guidance and exercises. If you want to gain stronger triceps, you can perform these activities and exercises with dumbbells and rods.

But nowadays, people do not like to use dumbbells and rods in their schedules due to modernization.

That is the main reason that cable machines are being top-rated nowadays. You can also perform triceps exercises on thecable machine.

Best triceps exercises

Many exercises will help you a lot in increasing the size of your triceps. Other than that, it is very crucial to have a muscular bicep to increase your arm strength.

If you do not focus on providing an appropriate position while doing the exercise of triceps, then you will not be able to get a proper result.

If you do not want to train your triceps, then you will not be able to list heavyweights in other exercises.

If you are not able to gain appropriate triceps of your demand, then you can easily opt for a proper workout that will help you a lot in getting it.

Here is a list of fantastic triceps exercises that will help you a lot in increasing the size of it.

• Dual hand pushdowns
• Single-arm pushdown
• Bend over rope triceps extension
• Rope kickback pushdown
• Standing rope extension
• High pulley single extension
• Single-arm reverse grip pushdown

These are the essential exercises that will help you a lot in getting stronger triceps.

If you want to get proper results in your triceps, then you should follow this routine properly.

How to implement these exercises?

There are plenty of exercises that are very helpful in increasing your triceps. But if you want to get proper results, you should opt for an exercise that will provide proper stretch on your triceps muscle.

If you provide proper stretch on it, then it will be straightforward for you to increase the size of it.

The exercise or workout routine mentioned above will help you a lot in giving the proper stretch on your triceps muscle.

If you follow this workout regularly for some time, then you will get a lot of results.


These are the critical exercise that is wearing necessary in the criteria of a triceps workout. It is effortless to implement these exercises in your workout routine.

You can perform all these exercises on cable machines very quickly. Most of the people find a lot of difficulty in doing these exercises with the help of rods and dumbbells.

So you can easily perform your triceps exercises on cable machines.