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How To Lose Weight Fast 10 kgs in 10 Days – Full Day Indian Diet/Meal Plan For Weight Loss

if you are also planning to lose your weight, you have to focus on your diet correctly. We cannot deny the fact that diet plays an essential role in losing weight.

You will face a lot of problems in your weight loss journey due to improper diet and nutrition.

We all know that the Indian diet is very best for reducing weight. If you are also planning to reduce weight, you can easily stick to a proper Indian diet.

Here is a meal plan for proper weight loss, and you will enjoy this meal plan. It is made for every body type.

You can quickly adapt to this oil-free plan, and no sugar is required in this plan. Other than that, it will be very beneficial for you; you will get an adequate amount of nutrition from this plan.

Proper diet plan for weight loss

This diet plan includes all the necessary meals for your whole day. If you follow this particular diet plan, then you will get proper energy for doing exercise.

Other than that, it will be straightforward for you to lose weight very fast. Here is a list of complete day diets:

• Drink turmeric tea in the morning
• For breakfast, you can take an apple banana smoothie
• After that, you should eat brown bread and eggs
• You can take an apple for a mid day snack
• After that, you should eat carrot, cucumber, beetroot, sticks
• At dinner, you should eat oats without sugar and milk
• At last, lemon and warm water

This is a proper diet plan that will help you a lot in losing weight. If you stick to this particular diet plan, then you will not use any difficulty in losing pounds from your body.

It has a very significant result because it includes every nutritious food. You will get a significant number of vitamins and minerals from bananas and apples.

The need for fiber will be automatically covered with cucumber, carrot, and beetroot. You will get the appropriate amount of protein from brown bread and eggs.

How long it takes to lose weight?

If you are following this particular diet plan, then it will not take a lot of time to lose weight.

This particular diet plan is planned for losing weight in a manner. Other than that, it will hardly take 10 to 15 days to show results in your body. You will feel perfect after using it.

This particular diet plan has every required thing for your body. You will also feel very energetic after the consumption of mentioned food in this diet plan. It will show rapid results in your body.

Wrap up

You can easily follow this diet plan if you want to see good and permanent results in your body. It will provide the appropriate amount of nutrition and vitamins that will help you in weight loss.

So what are you waiting for? Start your weight loss journey now with this diet plan.


Workout is a physical exercise done to maintain our body and for strong muscles. A person does workout to make him fit and healthy.

There are a lot of exercises one can do. Some of these include aerobic exercise, strength training, and stretching andbalance exercise.

Workout can be done at home and also at the gym. Depends on you that how you want to do it. If you go for a gym trainer perhaps you can get quick results from your workout.

A gym trainer will properly guide you to maintain your workout routine.

Endurance or aerobic exercise

The name aerobic means the presence of air. Aerobic exercise includes activities like running, walking, swimming or biking, mainly the exercises through which you can increase your breathing or heart rate.

However, these exercises don’t build muscles but are good and essential for your fitness..

Anaerobic training

Anaerobic is just opposite to aerobic which means the absence of oxygen. This includes wait lifting, sprinting, high intensity interval training and ply metrics.

You need to shorten the timeframe of your performance on anaerobic exercise if you are a beginner.

By this, we can say that in beginning you must do 10 to 15 seconds of the sprint rather than doing it for 30 seconds.
Exercise for strength training

This exercise is to build muscles. This helps us to maintain our muscles even after the age when we start losing them due to our age.

Strengthening is very essential for everyone, either the one is men or women it helps everyone to have a healthy life in future.

It also helps to prevent many diseases like cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and obesity.

However, men and women both can do this training butmen can develop more muscles than women.

This is because a man naturally has a higher percentage of muscles as compared to women.


Stretching exercise helps us in maintaining our body’s flexibility. In most cases, people lose their flexibility due to the increase in their age. So doing stretching may help them in maintaining their flexibility for a log time.

Doing stretching may help in decreasing the risk of muscles cramps or pain, joint pain and many more.

It also helps us to do other physical activities much easier with a flexible body. It also reduces the risk of injury.

Balance exercise

Balance exercise as its name says helps us maintaining our balance. This reduces the risk of falling and also protects our inner ear, vision and breakdown of our leg muscles or joints.

There are many senior Centres or gyms which offers you exercises that especially focuses on you balance. This includes yoga or tai chi.


We can say that doing exercise is very beneficial for a human body. It is never too late to start your workout routine.

No matter what it will only give you benefits either you are already healthy or not. You must go for it for a long term healthy body.

My Top 7 Triceps Exercises “CABLES ONLY” For Big Arms

Every muscle in our body requires proper stretch and exercise to get appropriate strength. There isa various muscle that is very different and requires different types of exercises to get stronger.

There is a muscle named triceps; this muscle provides you a lot of strength in your arms. If you want to have tight and stronger triceps, some excellent exercises will help you.

It is not very difficult to train your triceps. You can easily do this activity with proper guidance and exercises. If you want to gain stronger triceps, you can perform these activities and exercises with dumbbells and rods.

But nowadays, people do not like to use dumbbells and rods in their schedules due to modernization.

That is the main reason that cable machines are being top-rated nowadays. You can also perform triceps exercises on thecable machine.

Best triceps exercises

Many exercises will help you a lot in increasing the size of your triceps. Other than that, it is very crucial to have a muscular bicep to increase your arm strength.

If you do not focus on providing an appropriate position while doing the exercise of triceps, then you will not be able to get a proper result.

If you do not want to train your triceps, then you will not be able to list heavyweights in other exercises.

If you are not able to gain appropriate triceps of your demand, then you can easily opt for a proper workout that will help you a lot in getting it.

Here is a list of fantastic triceps exercises that will help you a lot in increasing the size of it.

• Dual hand pushdowns
• Single-arm pushdown
• Bend over rope triceps extension
• Rope kickback pushdown
• Standing rope extension
• High pulley single extension
• Single-arm reverse grip pushdown

These are the essential exercises that will help you a lot in getting stronger triceps.

If you want to get proper results in your triceps, then you should follow this routine properly.

How to implement these exercises?

There are plenty of exercises that are very helpful in increasing your triceps. But if you want to get proper results, you should opt for an exercise that will provide proper stretch on your triceps muscle.

If you provide proper stretch on it, then it will be straightforward for you to increase the size of it.

The exercise or workout routine mentioned above will help you a lot in giving the proper stretch on your triceps muscle.

If you follow this workout regularly for some time, then you will get a lot of results.


These are the critical exercise that is wearing necessary in the criteria of a triceps workout. It is effortless to implement these exercises in your workout routine.

You can perform all these exercises on cable machines very quickly. Most of the people find a lot of difficulty in doing these exercises with the help of rods and dumbbells.

So you can easily perform your triceps exercises on cable machines.

Full Body Cable Machine Workout

If you also want to gain high results in your body, then you should perform different exercises for all your muscles. There are a lot of people that do not want to spend a lot of money on different types of exercise.

If you want to increase your muscle, then you should focus on various aspects of these criteria. These things are very crucial for increasing your overall body strength, and it provides you high results.

There is a different type of muscle present in our body. If you want to strengthen your body, then you should opt for high results. Other than that, people do not like to do exercises on dumbbells and rods nowadays.

They want a different types of machines for their workout. If you also want to get a stable body and you do not like the traditional way of the gym, then you should go for the machines.

How to perform the workout on cable machines

If you do not want to perform your workout with the traditional materials, then you can quickly go for the cable machine. In the cable machine, you can quickly train all muscles of the body.

It is significantly to transform these types of cable machines. All you have to do is to keep in your mind that which type of exercises you are trying to perform.

If you want to train your back, then you can go for pulling the rod towards yourself. It will be beneficial for you to get excellent gain back muscles.

Other than that, if you want to train your triceps, then you can easily do it with the help of these machines. It is beneficial for you to get muscular biceps with the help of these cable machines.

It is also very helpful in getting a pumped bicep and chest. You can also do many exercises of the chest on these machines. It is effortless to set up these machines in your gym or home. You will surely get an excellent result with the help of these fantastic workouts on the cable machines.

Why are cable machines beneficial?

We cannot deny the fact that cable machines are too much beneficial for your workout. If you want to gain excessive results in your body, then you can easily do all these exercises on the cable machines.

The main factor that makes these cable machines too much superior is that you can perform all types of exercises on these machines very quickly.

Other than that, you will not face any type of difficulties in your workout if you perform these activities on the cable machines. People usually like to do their workouts on cable machines because these machines are very comfortable and flexible to use.


These are the specific things that you can efficiently perform on the cable machines. If you really want to get immense results in your workout, then you should focus on appropriate reps. Repetition plays an indispensable role in the workout, and you should do an exact number of repetitions.