Workout is a physical exercise done to maintain our body and for strong muscles. A person does workout to make him fit and healthy.

There are a lot of exercises one can do. Some of these include aerobic exercise, strength training, and stretching andbalance exercise.

Workout can be done at home and also at the gym. Depends on you that how you want to do it. If you go for a gym trainer perhaps you can get quick results from your workout.

A gym trainer will properly guide you to maintain your workout routine.

Endurance or aerobic exercise

The name aerobic means the presence of air. Aerobic exercise includes activities like running, walking, swimming or biking, mainly the exercises through which you can increase your breathing or heart rate.

However, these exercises don’t build muscles but are good and essential for your fitness..

Anaerobic training

Anaerobic is just opposite to aerobic which means the absence of oxygen. This includes wait lifting, sprinting, high intensity interval training and ply metrics.

You need to shorten the timeframe of your performance on anaerobic exercise if you are a beginner.

By this, we can say that in beginning you must do 10 to 15 seconds of the sprint rather than doing it for 30 seconds.
Exercise for strength training

This exercise is to build muscles. This helps us to maintain our muscles even after the age when we start losing them due to our age.

Strengthening is very essential for everyone, either the one is men or women it helps everyone to have a healthy life in future.

It also helps to prevent many diseases like cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and obesity.

However, men and women both can do this training butmen can develop more muscles than women.

This is because a man naturally has a higher percentage of muscles as compared to women.


Stretching exercise helps us in maintaining our body’s flexibility. In most cases, people lose their flexibility due to the increase in their age. So doing stretching may help them in maintaining their flexibility for a log time.

Doing stretching may help in decreasing the risk of muscles cramps or pain, joint pain and many more.

It also helps us to do other physical activities much easier with a flexible body. It also reduces the risk of injury.

Balance exercise

Balance exercise as its name says helps us maintaining our balance. This reduces the risk of falling and also protects our inner ear, vision and breakdown of our leg muscles or joints.

There are many senior Centres or gyms which offers you exercises that especially focuses on you balance. This includes yoga or tai chi.


We can say that doing exercise is very beneficial for a human body. It is never too late to start your workout routine.

No matter what it will only give you benefits either you are already healthy or not. You must go for it for a long term healthy body.